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Virtual Choir AERCO

La Rosa Bianca (The White Rose) by Daniele Venturi (text by Attilio Bertolucci)

'La Rosa Bianca', the virtual choir song you participated in, with your voice, is finally ready.

You can find it on our YouTube channel.

You will probably be a little surprised by the result, as it's not exactly what you saw in the score. The voices were overlapped and a piece for saxophone quartet was added, also composed by Daniele Venturi.

The result is impressive where an endless tonal melody meets aleatoric sounds.

Please share the video on your social pages.

A Virtual Choir is nothing new, probably, when you read these lines ...Many choirs are doing it in this period but the meaning that the AERCO Artistic Commission wanted to give to the project has a wider scope than the occasion.We chose a very good composer from our region, Daniele Venturi, to whom we entrusted, initially, the creation of a piece based on a magnificent text by the Italian poet Attilio Bertolucci. The poem was ‘Vento’ (Wind), because the words seemed really inspired by the feeling of these days:

Come un lupo è il vento
che cala dai monti al piano
corica nei campi il grano
ovunque passa è sgomento.
Fischia nei mattini chiari
illuminando case e orizzonti
sconvolge l’acqua nelle fonti
caccia gli uomini ai ripari.
Poi, stanco s’addormenta e uno stupore
prende le cose, come dopo l’amore.

Like a wolf is the windthat falls from the mountains to the plainthe wheat lies in the fieldswherever he passes he is dismayed. Whistle on clear morningsilluminating houses and horizonsupsets the water in the sourceschases men for cover. Then, tired, he falls asleep and a surprisetakes things, like after love.The result was a very evocative but perhaps too complex piece of music for a virtual performance where the voices must guarantee perfect synchrony. This piece will be performed at a concert that AERCO will organize in Bologna in December 2020 with all the choirs participating in the virtual recording of 'La Rosa Bianca', also by Attilio Bertolucci, which therefore was the final text on which Daniele made the music for the virtual choir. Here is the text, also very beautiful: 

Coglierò per te
l'ultima rosa del giardino,
la rosa bianca che fiorisce
nelle prime nebbie.
Le avide api l'hanno visitata
sino a ieri,
ma è ancora così dolce
che fa tremare.
È un ritratto di te a trent'anni.
Un po' smemorata, come tu sarai allora.

I will seize for you
the last rose of the garden,
the white rose that blooms
in the early mists.
The greedy bees visited it
until yesterday,
but it is still so sweet
that makes you tremble.
It is a portrait of you in your thirties.
A little forgetful, as you will be then.

AERCO invites singers and directors of the associated and non-associated choirs to take part in the recording of the Virtual Choir 'La Rosa Bianca'. The piece will be 'virtually' directed by a famous conductor whose name is not revealed yet. The deadline for sending your audio / video file is May 20, 2020.

Send, through the online formthe audio/video file in MP4 format together your contacts, and the declaration that you agree to publish your video. At the bottom of this page you will find the audio guide files for the recording, the score in PDF (the song has three voices, Sopranos, Altos and Baritones) and a text file with the indications / recommendations for recording. The song is short but, thanks to its type of writing, it will allow an overlap like a canon that will give beautiful effects.

If you want to ask for executive details, you can write directly to Daniele Venturi.

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