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Associated with the 'Corinfesta 2021' International Choral Composition Competition

Whereas AERCO had foreseen in the announcement of the International Choral Composition Competition 'Corinfesta 2021' an additional prize called 'Composer in Residence AERCO 2022' to be awarded to the winners of the two competition categories, 'Towards Polyphony' and 'Many Voices, a School of Life'.

Whereas the winners of the Competition were Erika Eccli, for the category 'Towards Polyphony', and Christopher Artley, for the category 'Many Voices, a School of Life'.

Considering that the value of each additional prize of 'Composer in Residence AERCO 2022', equivalent to the composition of two pieces for a cappella choir or for choir with piano and/or percussion accompaniment, with a duration of no more than 4 minutes, has been set at EUR 1,000.


1) Choirs registered with AERCO for the current year may commission the composers named in the introduction to write a composition dedicated to their choir, with the above-mentioned characteristics. The text may be chosen by the choir as well as left to the composer.

2) Applications must reach AERCO by 23:59 on 30/9/2022. The application form is available here, as of 20 August 2022.

3) In the event of more than four applications representing the total value of the prizes for the two winners, the choice will be made according to the order in which the applications are received.

4) In the event that fewer than four applications are submitted by choirs associated with AERCO, it will also be possible to take into consideration those submitted by non-member choirs with registered offices on Italian territory.

5) The composer shall be obliged to finish the commissioned works by 31/12/2022. The fees will be paid directly by AERCO to the composer.

6) The selected choirs will be obliged to perform the dedicated composition in concert by 31/08/2023. The concert programme must be marked 'First performance, AERCO Composer in Residence Award 2022'.

Adequate video documentation of the performance must be provided to AERCO.

Bologna, 11/08/2022

Andrea Angelini, President AERCO

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