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Rivers of Voices

Choral Festival on the rivers banks

The Choral Festival 'Fiumi di Voci' was born from the 'Di Cori un altro Po' Festival, which doesn’t take place anymore. The main theme, besides the wide and varied choral repertoire, are the many wonderful and suggestive places and rivers which act as a backdrop to palaces, shrines and theaters. The concert venues feature the cities of Emilia Romagna, each linked to the history of its own river which feeds them with vitality as well as the voices of the choirs are sources of art and beauty.

Andrea Angelini President AERCO Emilia-Romagna and Festival Director.
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The 2018 edition ran from September to November 2018 involving 26 choirs.

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The 2019 edition ran from October to November 2019 involving 19 choirs.

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