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Voices in the Cloisters

Choral concerts in the courtyards and cloisters of Emilia Romagna

Vocal music has always resonated in the Cloisters and Courtyards, spaces annexed to places dedicated to the cult of the soul or to the civil life. This Choral Festival intends to recreate the harmonies that for many centuries enveloped the city's columns and cobbles. The participating choirs chose sacred and secular repertoires, old and modern, to characterize the event at the best. The voice, a cappella or accompanied by instruments, represents the first attempt to ‘make music’; it has maintained that vibrant charm that derives from an aura of mystery around its genesis: nobody really knows how it is formed in the human body, beyond the mere physiological aspects. Personal instrument par excellence, bearer of a thousand emotions, the voice of the choir will be able to give those who come to listen to the concerts, moments of tension and pleasant listening as well as visions of life lived under magnificent arches.

Andrea Angelini

President of AERCO
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