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CGER - Regional Youth Choir 

The Youth Choir of Emilia Romagna, born in February 2017 for the will of A.E.R.CO., is composed of singers from the regional territory between the ages of 18 and 35. One of the main objectives of the project is to become a valid example for the choirs of the region: an emblem of quality, commitment, responsibility and a pole for the enhancement of internal resources. To achieve this ambitious goal, the sessions are structured in study days on a monthly basis in which the singers, with considerable commitment, determination and enthusiasm, meet in the Bologna. The repertoire embraces more styles in order to grasp the different sensibilities of those who are part of it in a context of mutual respect and listening. The choir performed at the AERCO regional assembly in Parma, at the prestigious CantaBO Choral Festival, at the Roffi Festival, at the Voxanimae Festival and it has been used as laboratory choir for the Romano Gandolfi International Competition for Choral Conductors. Deciding to be part of an experience like that of the Regional Youth Choir means discovering new repertoires and meeting other young people with whom to share hardships and satisfactions. This path not only enriches the singers but also the choirs of origin. The singers, who however continue their normal choral activity, are encouraged to share this experience with the directors of their choirs with a view to global growth of the movement and an increasingly close network of collaborations between choirs. Last but not least, the choir is part of a context of youth choirs that goes beyond Emilia Romagna and which gives the possibility to arrive at the Italian Youth Choir, the European Youth Choir and at the World Youth Choir.

The directors of the CGER were Silvia Biasini from Cesena and Ilaria Cavalca from Gattatico (RE). Since 2022 the management has been entrusted to Daniele Sconisto from Bologna

The selection of the singers of the Regional Youth Choir takes place through auditions that are carried out regularly. Requirements for submitting the application are the age of less than 35 years and, preferably, residence in the region. An exception is made for those who temporarily reside in Emilia Romagna for study purposes. The selection application must only be sent by filling in the online form:

Rehearsals of the CGER for the concert of 09/04/17 in Parma

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