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Alessio Romeo

Alessio Romeo began his musical studies in Messina, the city where he was born in 1992, continuing them, since 2012, at the Conservatorio 'G.B. Martini' in Bologna, where he graduated in Composition and Band Instrumentation under the guidance of Michele Serra. He has also attended specialisation courses and composition masterclasses with, among others, Salvatore Sciarrino, Azio Corghi and Mauro Bonifacio, Alessandro Solbiati and Alessandro Melchiorre. His works have been performed in various festivals and institutions such as the 14th International Festival of Contemporary Music of the Biennale di Venezia, the 58th Pontino Festival, Bologna Modern (review of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna), Fondazione 'I Teatri' in Reggio Emilia, Amici della Musica di Modena, and performed by performers such as Fontanamix Ensemble, Claudio Pasceri, Maria Grazia Bellocchio, Maria Eleonora Caminada. He was awarded first prize at the 'A. Manoni' Composition Competition in 2019, the Fourth 'Carlo Sanvitale' International Competition in 2021 and the Fifth 'San Colombano' International Competition, and was mentioned at the 'Città di Albenga' Composition Competition in 2016. His violin capriccio La Stravaganza was published in 2020 by Sconfinarte Edizioni, his elaborations of medieval music by Bononia University Press. At the same time, he completed his university studies at the University of Bologna, where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Modern Literature in 2015 with a thesis in Romance Philology published in 2018, a Master's degree in Music Disciplines in 2017 and a Master's degree in Italianistics in 2020. As a musicologist he has worked on Debussy and troubadour music, and has also curated presentations and lecture-concerts for Musica Insieme in Ateneo, La Soffitta and the Bologna Music Museum. He is a founding member and vice-president of the association In.Nova Fert, which aims to organise concerts and events on contemporary music, and is active as a cantor in the Schola Gregoriana 'Ecce'.

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