The AERCO Artistic Committee

The Artistic Committee, nominated by the Board of Directors, is a consultive committee formed by eight members, six of which are Directors of choirs, to whom is entrusted the exclusive task of artistic and technical consultancy and musical support for the associate choirs that may request it. The President of AERCO and the Director of FARCORO magazine are rightful parts of the Artistic Committee. The members of the AC appoint a Director and a Secretary amongst themselves; the Director has the faculty to gather the Committee to analyze musical projects to submit to the Board of Directors. The members of the AC can participate in the work of the Board as advisors, given explicit request by the Board of Directors itself. The mandate of the AC lasts three years, and members can be re-elected.

Gianluigi Giacomoni

(Direttore della Com. Art.)

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Andrea Angelini

(presidente AERCO)

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Sandro Bergamo

(Managing Editor FARCORO Magazine)

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